Kegel Junior Elite Program

John and Linda Davis, Owners and CEO's of the Kegel Company in Lake Wales Florida had a vision in January of 2005. They wanted to create an elite team of junior bowlers and provide them training, uniforms and transportation to enable them to compete in world-class events. 

The vision took off after a call into the staff at the Kegel Training Center with the question, "What do we have to do to create a program that will result in the best team of junior bowlers on the planet?" 

Randy Stoughton , Director of the Kegel Training Center acknowledged that the talented junior bowlers in the area did need a comprehensive training program and took on the task to answer the Davis' question. Stoughton assembled world class bowling professionals from the Kegel Training Center to formulate a game plan to locate, train, and ultimately launch into competition the finest junior bowlers in the area. This group is compromised of silver medal coaches, Stephen Padilla, Randy Stoughton, Brent Sims and mental coach Sue Merritt.