Kegel Connection Pro Shop to Open in Sunrise, FL

Lake Wales, FL – April 2, 2014: A new Kegel Connection Pro Shop will be replacing the pro shop located inside Strikers Family Sports Complex in Sunrise, Florida. The location will be an extension of the Kegel Training Center and act as a satellite training facility featuring a full spectrum of modern coaching tools and pro shop services. 

Along with other Kegel Connection Pro Shops, this new location will operate with an emphasis on making the sport better by providing high level coaching and the best of customer service. “Our coaches are trained with an understanding of the modern game to help you bring your game to its full potential,” says Del Warren, VP of the Kegel Training Center.

This location will be equipped with the Kegel Computer Aided Tracking System (C.A.T.S.) as well as video analysis. These tools will facilitate high quality lessons and allow bowlers to accurately identify the best bowling balls to fit their needs and style. This location will also have a Precision Ovalmatic machine drill press, bowling ball resurfacing machine, and ball spinner.

Mitchell Shumway, the new Head Coach and Pro Shop Manager at this location, is a USBC certified Coach from Orlando, Florida. Over the past 8 years, Mitchell has taught Saturday morning youth programs as well as led the Varsity men’s bowling team at Oviedo High School for 3 years as assistant coach and for 2 years as head coach.

As a pro shop operator he has been in the business for over 6 years in bowling centers such as Boardwalk Bowl and Colonial Lanes, both located in Orlando, Florida. He started out at the Kegel Training Center as a youth bowler and acquired his pro shop training and certification under KTC Head Coach, Randy Stoughton. As a bowler he is a current PBA member. His bowling resume includes 17 honor scores and he was formerly on the 900 Global bowling staff. He has competed on the PBA Regional level for the last two years and has bowled around the country as a youth and adult bowler.

Posted on June 8, 2014 .