Kegel Training Center to Be Used for Ball Reviews

Bowlers Journal International has partnered with Vernon Peterson to provide Ball Reviews for Bowlers Journal. All tests will be performed at Kegel's state of the art testing and training facility, the Kegel Training Center, located in Lake Wales, FL. Ball Reviews will begin in the February issue of Bowlers Journal.

“We are excited that Vernon will do all of the testing here at the Kegel Training Center. The objective data will aid the consumers in seeing the specific differences in each product which is critical information when choosing a ball for yourself or your customer,” says Del Warren, VP of the Kegel Training Center.

The Kegel facility was designed with a focus on research and testing and includes many features that will enhance the feedback Peterson is able to supply. The KTC is a private training facility offering the world’s most level playing environment due to the installation of 12 fully adjustable lanes. Peterson will have full use of C.A.T.S (Computer Aided Tracking System), which can be used to analyze accuracy, consistency, and control by monitoring rev rate, ball speed, entry angle, and other details. BowlersMap will also be available for any necessary visual analysis using specialized video equipment.

While performing ball reviews, a Kegel Sanction® Technology Lane Machine will be used to apply the selected pattern(s) and Kegel’s Process Verification Procedure will be followed. This will maintain the integrity of each test and ensure the reviews are done in a consistent manner.

Peterson’s overall goal will be to use the tools of the Training Center to make the bowling ball the only variable resulting in the most accurate evaluations.

Vernon Peterson is a USBC Silver Coach and 3-time Team USA member. In addition to conducting ball reviews, Peterson runs a Kegel Connection Pro Shop at Cypress Lanes in Winter Haven, FL. Vernon has been an employee of Kegel for over 10 years, however, his reviews and opinion are that of his own, and will not necessarily express the opinion of Kegel.

Posted on June 8, 2014 .