Success at 2015 Pan Am Games in Toronto

The Pan Am Games took place July 21-25 in Toronto.  Aumi Guerra from the Dominican Republic won the silver medal.  KTC VP and coach Del Warren is the head coach of the Dominican Republic team.

Marcelo Suartz, an alumni of the Webber International Bowling Team won the gold in the singles event.  Marcelo bowled for the Warriors for four seasons.

Aumi was beat by Team USA Shannon Pluhowsky in the final match by a score of 223-212.  Aumi was fourth after qualifying and beat out Liz Johnson in the first match to move on to the final match.

Marcelo defeated Venezuela's Amleto Monacelli to capture the gold medal.  Marcelo won the final match by a margin of 201-189.   He qualified second to the home country Dan Maclelland.  He defeated Team USA Devin Bidwell in the first round on his way to the medal.

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Posted on July 25, 2015 .