2017 Summer Camps

Premier Level summer Camps

Tommy Jones

Tommy Jones

Championship Mental Game and Lane Play Techniques with guest Tommy Jones – Aug 3-6 - $850 plus tax

We have designed this camp to expose players to two of the most difficult things to learn on the way to becoming an elite player:  Lane Play and Mental Game.  This training will help you achieve mental toughness as you learn to adjust to the ever changing conditions of high level competition. 

This camp also includes a day of training with Team USA Sports Psychologist Dr. Dean Hinitz.  This camp is designed to help you prepare for all level of competitions. 


Josh Blanchard

Josh Blanchard

Elite Physical Game Characteristics with guest Josh Blanchard– Aug 10-12 - $700 plus tax

Three day training session focuses on learning the fundamental physical techniques necessary to become a competitive player.  The KTC staff will teach you the drills we use to improve players games as well as you will have a chance to train with our line of advanced coaching tools, such as Specto and the Torch, designed to speed up and enhance your learning experience.

 This training program also includes daily individual video analysis. 


Every Premier Level Camper Receives:

·         High Performance Columbia 300 Bowling Ball including Turbo grips and slugs
·         Take Home Workbook
·         DVD with Before and After Videos
·         Kegel Competition Shirt
·         Kegel Revive Ball Cleaner & Microfiber Towel
·         Lunch

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Tournament Preparation Clinic

Jr Gold & Tournament Prep Clinic – June 10 & 11 - $429 plus tax

Clinic will focus on preparing you for tournament season. 
· Lane Play
· Surface Management
· Arsenal Strategies
· Physical Game Analysis

Learn strategies from some of the top coaches in the game. This event will be your chance to develop a plan for all of your summer events. 

Each Player Receives:
High Performance Bowling Ball
Free Drilling, Finger Grips, and Slug
Take Home Workbook
Video Analysis Recap

Coaches Workshop

The 12 most destructive bowling errors and how to fix them - July 28-30 - $425 per person

 The Kegel Training Center will do a first of its kind workshop that will help coaches diagnose and fix the most destructive bowling errors.  

The course will be taught with a combination of classroom and on lane.  It will include information as well as video examples of players to highlight the troubleshooting process and more importantly show you how to correct the error.  It is designed for coaches but would be great for any person that coaches themselves as well!

Each attendee receives:
Workbook from the class
Kegel Jersey