Clutch Bowling Launches New Product Compatible with Kegel's Specto


Lake Wales, FL – 7/16/18:  Specto Bowling and Clutch Bowling have agreed to offer exclusive features and graphic integration to users who own both Specto and Clutch Bowling systems.

Clutch Bowling is a company that offers dynamic effects, and interactive elements projected directly onto bowling lanes.  Using the same lidar sensor as Kegel’s Specto system, they can offer pinpoint accuracy in their games to engage both casual and competitive bowlers in an immersive bowling experience. 

Specto is a tracking system for centers, bowlers, and coaches. It records information about bowlers’ shots using a high-power sensor and displays it to them on an easy-to-use app.

The sharing of hardware between both systems allows centers to install them for a cheaper price.  This will be especially helpful for those centers that cater to both serious and casual bowlers and want innovative systems that will meet needs for both major segments of their business.

The teams at Clutch and Specto have worked together to develop special features which will be exclusive to people who own both systems.  These features will enhance both systems offering more entertainment options as well as games that will improve bowling skill. 

Kegel will also field test the system at the Kegel Training Center.


About Kegel

Founded in 1981, Kegel has spent over three decades researching the sport of bowling while offering products, services, and systems to enhance the sport. The company is based in Lake Wales, Fla. where it operates its manufacturing, quality control, software development, chemical production and packaging, technical support, Kegel Connection Pro Shops, Foundation300 and its world renowned Kegel Training Center. Kegel remains the only ISO 9001 certified manufacturer in the bowling industry. For more information, please visit


About Clutch Bowling: 

At Clutch Bowling our primary goal is to grow the sport by engaging bowlers of all ages with innovative and interactive products. With over 20 years of experience in the industry, we are committed to producing quality products for proprietors and bowlers alike. Motion tracking with pinpoint accuracy, crisp imaging, immersive games and coaching tools are just a few elements that make Clutch Bowling the ultimate bowling experience for both competitive and casual bowlers alike.  

Posted on July 16, 2018 and filed under Coaching Tools, Specto.