Individual & Group Bowling Lessons

Lessons are a great way to increase your bowling potential. Lesson plans are custom designed around your needs as a group or individual. Every lesson includes a combination of on lane practice and discussion. The most common tools utilized by the coaches are SPECTO and video analysis. Common topics of discussion for training are physical game, lane play, spares, ball dynamics, and mental game. Every lesson includes a SPECTO print out and a take home video.

Individual lessons are perfect for the bowler looking for an intensive training sessions designed around their individual needs. This works especially well for higher level players looking to work on more advanced techniques. Through the use of SPECTO and video our coaches can help you design a custom practice plan that will catapult you to the next level! Individual lessons can be done by half day or full day increments. A half day consists of 3 hours either 9am-12 noon or 1-4pm. The full day lesson would go from 9am-4pm and take an hour break for lunch.

Group lessons are designed to allow you to bring a group of your friends, teammates, or even the competition down to work out together with our coaches. Each player will still get 1 on 1 training to learn about their individual game as well as group training and practice. Group lessons are available in full day increments. Players can come in for one day or several days.

All Group and Individual Lessons Include: SPECTO - With SPECTO you can:
    . Track and Compare Accuracy, Control, Rev Rate, and Speed.
    . Simulate the effects of different equipment on your game.
    . Track and Analyze Improvement.
    . Set, Monitor, Evaluate, and Track goals.
    . Develop your ability to judge physical game factors.
    . 3 Point Targeting w/Quiet Eye.

Bowling Video Analysis - Specialized video analysis equipment allows you to see your game from back, side, and front angles. See yourself compared to our library of players including many PBA stars and other high level players. Personalized Audio/Video Analysis on DVD is included.

Multiple Lane Conditions - We give you the ability to see how different lane conditions affect your game and then teach you ways to read and adjust to be more competitive. From beginning to advanced you can learn lane play techniques.

Physical Game / On Lane Coaching - Explore all of the bio-mechanical movements for a perfect approach. Learn to enhance not only you're A game, but develop a competitive B and C game to add to your arsenal.

Grip Analysis / Equipment - We examine the uniqueness of your grip and make adjustments when necessary.

Arsenal Evaluation - Our coaches/pro shop technicians can recommend the best layouts and equipment to compete on any condition. With a full service pro shop we can even drill bowling balls for you at the time of your lesson.

Individual Lessons

Full Day: $620 (9am - 4pm)
Half Day: $375 (9am - 12pm or 1pm - 4pm)


Group Rates

Half Day Group – 1 Instructor
2 people is $260 per person
3 people is $210 per person

Full Day Group – 1 Instructor
2 people is $340 per person
3 people is $260 per person
4 people is $220 per person
5 people is $200 per person

Full Day Group – 2 Instructors
4 people is $340 per person
5 people is $295 per person
6 people is $260 per person
7 people is $240 per person
8 people is $220 per person
9+ people is $200 per person


All prices plus applicable taxes

Lesson discounts are available for PBA, Jr Gold, and returning customers.

Ask about our Prepay Discount if you would like to book 3 or more lessons. 

All persons under the age of 16 must be accompanied by their Parent/Guardian at all times while in Kegel Training Center.  

Practice Only

Half Day $55 (9am - 12pm or 1pm - 4pm)

Full Day $110 (9am - 4pm)
Reserve your spot today to practice on a multitude of lane patterns from our extensive library. Patterns include PBA, USBC, WTBA, Jr. Gold and many more! Also use SPECTO to accurately track your performance on each pattern.

Please Note:
Reservations are by appointment only, please call for availability.
Most times lessons should be booked 15-45 days in advance of lesson date but sooner dates may be available.
All lessons require $100 non-refundable deposit at time of reservation.
Lessons rescheduled or canceled less than 7 days in advance will forfeit their deposit.