Webber International University to Partner with Columbia 300

Webber International University’s Bowling Program has agreed to a new sponsorship with Columbia 300. 

In recent years, Webber’s Bowling program has built a strong relationship with Ebonite International through the use of their Ebonite Brand products. To better align with Ebonite International’s brand strategy, and attract the highest quality players, Webber and EBI have decided that Columbia 300 will be the brand that makes the most sense. 

Del Warren, Head Coach of Webber, says, “Since April 2008 Webber International and Ebonite International has partnered resulting in winning 6 National Championships with bowlers such as Diana Zavjalova, Marcelo Suartz, and Gary Faulkner; the plan is to continue this streak of success with Columbia.”

Though Webber’s new relationship will be with Columbia 300, they will still have access to other EBI brands such as Ebonite, Track and Hammer.  “We are thankful that EBI is working with us to ensure our bowlers have the best products to suit their needs,” shares Warren. 

Bugsy Kelly, Ebonite International’s Group Marketing Director for Communications says, “Ebonite International has a great history with the Webber Warriors and we’re excited to take this next step in being a part of their continued success. Columbia 300’s youthful, energetic brand position, with an emphasis on performance, makes it a perfect match for the collegiate experience and the Webber Warriors.”

Posted on September 17, 2014 .

Audry Mullan to Run Kegel Connection PSL


Lake Wales, FL – September 10, 2014: The Kegel Connection Pro Shop in Port St. Lucie, FL will have a new manager as of September 13, 2014.  Audry Mullan will take over this facility, located inside Super Play USA, which features a full spectrum of modern coaching tools and pro shop services. 

Mullan has managed pro shops in Richmond/Fredericksburg, Virginia for over 20 years.  She is a USBC Bronze certified coach and an IBPSIA certified ball driller. 

“In my 25 years of knowing Audry, she has shown me that she has the highest level of competence in all the critical areas that are needed to be a ball driller and coach in today’s environment,” says Del Warren, VP of the Kegel Training Center.  “I know that she will fit very well into the Kegel culture.”

In addition to her industry certifications, Mullan has many years of personal bowling experience.  She is a Virginia State Hall of Famer for Outstanding Performance and finished 2nd in the Queens tournament in 1997.  She also finished 4th at the Hammer’s Players Championship in 1998. She has earned 16 300-games and a high set of 803.  For 9 consecutive years from 1997-2006, she had the high Women’s average for the State of Virginia.

“I am excited for the opportunity to work for Kegel and future we can build together. I know I can bring my years of experience to increase the level of customer service and help my customers succeed,” says Mullan.




About Kegel Training Center

The Kegel Training Center, first known by the name HERBIES was opened in 1997 in Sebring, FL.  This private ten lane facility was the first of its kind.  In 2004, the Kegel Training Center was moved to its current location in Lake Wales, FL and now features twelve fully adjustable lanes.  The KTC coaches players from all over the world and serves as the Training Facility for the Webber International University bowling teams.   For more information, please visit www.kegeltrainingcenter.com

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Kegel Training Center to Be Used for Ball Reviews

Bowlers Journal International has partnered with Vernon Peterson to provide Ball Reviews for Bowlers Journal. All tests will be performed at Kegel's state of the art testing and training facility, the Kegel Training Center, located in Lake Wales, FL. Ball Reviews will begin in the February issue of Bowlers Journal.

“We are excited that Vernon will do all of the testing here at the Kegel Training Center. The objective data will aid the consumers in seeing the specific differences in each product which is critical information when choosing a ball for yourself or your customer,” says Del Warren, VP of the Kegel Training Center.

The Kegel facility was designed with a focus on research and testing and includes many features that will enhance the feedback Peterson is able to supply. The KTC is a private training facility offering the world’s most level playing environment due to the installation of 12 fully adjustable lanes. Peterson will have full use of C.A.T.S (Computer Aided Tracking System), which can be used to analyze accuracy, consistency, and control by monitoring rev rate, ball speed, entry angle, and other details. BowlersMap will also be available for any necessary visual analysis using specialized video equipment.

While performing ball reviews, a Kegel Sanction® Technology Lane Machine will be used to apply the selected pattern(s) and Kegel’s Process Verification Procedure will be followed. This will maintain the integrity of each test and ensure the reviews are done in a consistent manner.

Peterson’s overall goal will be to use the tools of the Training Center to make the bowling ball the only variable resulting in the most accurate evaluations.

Vernon Peterson is a USBC Silver Coach and 3-time Team USA member. In addition to conducting ball reviews, Peterson runs a Kegel Connection Pro Shop at Cypress Lanes in Winter Haven, FL. Vernon has been an employee of Kegel for over 10 years, however, his reviews and opinion are that of his own, and will not necessarily express the opinion of Kegel.

Posted on June 8, 2014 .

KYPS Year End Event w/Prize

The Kegel Youth Point Series End of Year Tournament was held at the Kegel Training Center on Saturday, May 17th.  Eight upper division boys and 4 upper division girls received spots in match play semifinals by virtue of their points accumulation over the year.  These players were given the opportunity to bowl on Saturday to practice on the WTBA Atlanta sport pattern that will be used throughout the tournament while other entrants qualified for an equal number of boys and girls division spots for match play on Sunday.

In the Under 14 Division, Wyatt Smith was the top seed by points accumulation and he was joined by Joey Goodwin, Daniel Bolan and Christopher Smith.  For the girls, Crystal Elliott was top seed and she was joined by Kyra Smith.  These players went head to head in a best of 3 game format.  Crystal Elliott claimed the Under 14 Girls title by ending her match in the first two games with scores of 219 and 182 to defeat Kyra Smth.

In the boys semifinal series, Wyatt Smith defeated Christopher Smith in a match that went the full 3 games.  The boys struggled on the changing Atlanta pattern and the high game was only 169 by Christopher Smith who came up short of the win overall.  In the meantime, Joey Goodwin outlasted Daniel Bolan who began by winning game 1 and then failed to dominate as Goodwin rolled to a win with games of 195 and 187.  That set up the Championship match between top seed Wyatt Smith and Joey Goodwin.  Goodwin came out winning in game 1, while Wyatt Smith came back with a sound victory in game 2.  The deciding game was closely contended with Goodwin just edging out Smith with a 204 to 200 finish.

The Upper Division match play was conducted on Sunday, May 18th and it proved to be a very exciting day.  For the boys, semifinals matches between Michael Coffey and David Lance andDavid Daniels and Tyler James started off the day.  Daniels defeated James in two straight games 207 & 219) and Lance defeated Coffey after three games finishing with 255 and 268.

In the girls division, Katie Stark defeated Adrianna Stacy in three games with a final game of235 while Jessica Mellott defeated Devon Metcalf in two straight games rolling a high game of 234.

The Upper Division Championship matches were between Jessica Mellott and Katie Stark for the girls and David Lance versus David Daniels for the boys.  Jessica Mellott rolled to victory in three games with high scores of 223 and 216.  David Lance won the shootout against David Daniels in three games defeating Daniels in game three by a score of 236 to Daniels’ 226.  Both matches were close and were decided in the ninth and tenth frames.

Overall, an exciting day of bowling on a difficult WTBA lane pattern.   The Year End Tournament  matches are typical of the challenges that young bowlers face when they compete in KYPS.  Top level players bowling on world class conditions.  If you haven’t tried KYPS, consider testing your skills in the fall season.  If you already bowl KYPS, invite a friend and get a free CATS report at your next tournament.

Elliot - Girls U14 Champion.jpeg
Goodwin - Boys U14 Champion.jpeg

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Kegel Connection Pro Shop to Open in Sunrise, FL

Lake Wales, FL – April 2, 2014: A new Kegel Connection Pro Shop will be replacing the pro shop located inside Strikers Family Sports Complex in Sunrise, Florida. The location will be an extension of the Kegel Training Center and act as a satellite training facility featuring a full spectrum of modern coaching tools and pro shop services. 

Along with other Kegel Connection Pro Shops, this new location will operate with an emphasis on making the sport better by providing high level coaching and the best of customer service. “Our coaches are trained with an understanding of the modern game to help you bring your game to its full potential,” says Del Warren, VP of the Kegel Training Center.

This location will be equipped with the Kegel Computer Aided Tracking System (C.A.T.S.) as well as video analysis. These tools will facilitate high quality lessons and allow bowlers to accurately identify the best bowling balls to fit their needs and style. This location will also have a Precision Ovalmatic machine drill press, bowling ball resurfacing machine, and ball spinner.

Mitchell Shumway, the new Head Coach and Pro Shop Manager at this location, is a USBC certified Coach from Orlando, Florida. Over the past 8 years, Mitchell has taught Saturday morning youth programs as well as led the Varsity men’s bowling team at Oviedo High School for 3 years as assistant coach and for 2 years as head coach.

As a pro shop operator he has been in the business for over 6 years in bowling centers such as Boardwalk Bowl and Colonial Lanes, both located in Orlando, Florida. He started out at the Kegel Training Center as a youth bowler and acquired his pro shop training and certification under KTC Head Coach, Randy Stoughton. As a bowler he is a current PBA member. His bowling resume includes 17 honor scores and he was formerly on the 900 Global bowling staff. He has competed on the PBA Regional level for the last two years and has bowled around the country as a youth and adult bowler.

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Teen Masters Qualifer 2014

Bowler DOB Gender State City Dexter Hotel G 1 G2 G 3 G 4 G5 G 6 Tot G 7 G 8 G 9 G10 G11 G 12 Tot 12 G
1 Mellott, Jessica 06/28/1996 F FL Lauderhill Yes Yes 217 211 139 189 191 178 1125 205 157 212 167 164 160 1065 2190
2 Nealon, Krystina 10/29/1996 F FL Coral Springs Yes Yes 163 188 179 213 197 227 1167 155 121 183 178 175 173 985 2152
3 Miksa, Ember 03/29/1996 F FL Winter Springs 118 157 179 188 200 147 989 163 201 209 157 164 181 1075 2064
4 Jones, Katelyn 06/09/1999 F FL Oviedo Yes 166 165 172 172 177 194 1046 185 170 133 190 147 136 961 2007
1 James, Tyler 06/30/1997 M FL Deltona Yes 243 180 207 213 231 222 1296 191 189 201 188 226 189 1184 2480
2 Lance, David 09/30/1995 M FL Merritt Island Yes 165 224 180 204 179 236 1188 221 202 226 246 213 183 1291 2479
3 Daniels, David 4/25/1998 M FL Sebring Yes 188 196 168 157 189 235 1133 231 199 165 190 236 202 1223 2356
4 Drennen, Mark 12/22/1995 M FL Ocoee Yes 215 206 157 177 170 182 1107 180 222 215 200 186 181 1184 2291
5 Juhasz, Joe 02/22/1998 M FL Ormond Beach Yes Yes 215 165 195 182 170 225 1152 155 179 180 156 137 233 1040 2192
6 Montanye, Brian 10/14/1996 M FL Titusville Yes 185 220 157 167 162 145 1036 179 151 170 171 162 181 1014 2050
7 Wisler, Justin 01/01/1997 M FL Davenport Yes 147 165 196 190 152 177 1027 187 148 151 200 156 160 1002 2029
8 Kimmel, Bryan 11/12/1997 M FL Apollo Beach Yes 143 210 172 205 153 169 1052 136 123 168 181 166 196 970 2022
9 Przychocki, Thorsten 12/05/1996 M FL Sebring Yes 188 183 162 161 146 186 1026 187 164 117 122 205 201 996 2022
10 Nagel, Nicholas 08/17/1998 M FL Land O' Lakes Yes Yes 177 139 217 177 159 151 1020 143 144 139 154 130 191 901 1921
11 LaForty, Zayne 01/05/1999 M FL Clermont Yes 138 178 192 135 178 141 962 186 124 114 181 170 177 952 1914
12 Klouda, Michael 06/11/1998 M FL Lake Worth Yes Yes 147 137 148 173 134 172 911 162 212 131 168 128 163 964 1875
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